Friends Center Retreats for 2022-23

 “Yea, Though I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow…”

Finding Comfort in All Circumstances
10/7-9/2022 –with David Male:

Even those of us who have it pretty good have had a rough time the past couple years, even if only in feeling helpless to do more for those who are truly in need. How do we continue to trust, to have faith, to be encouraging when so much about the world as we have known it has been turned upside down?

During this weekend, we will turn together to that famous testimony of David known as the 23 rd Psalm, in which he affirms the goodness and provision of the Shepherd in all circumstances. With those words in mind, we will have time to share our own experiences of overcoming doubt and fear, and even feeling blessed, through difficult times. Whether you need hope and encouragement yourself, or have it to share with others, we invite you to join us along the path to green pastures and beside the still waters.

The Incarnation of Love in John’s Gospel and in Ourselves
11/4-6/2022 –with Ken Jacobsen:

The opening prologue of the Gospel of John (John 1:1-18), and indeed the whole Gospel, is the story of incarnation, of how, in Christ, the infinite Love that is God comes to live with us forever, in every detail of our earthly lives, teaching us to live in love with one another.

How do we experience the incarnation of Love in our lives today, within and among us? In shared worship, and times of solitude, journaling and creative expression, with John’s Gospel as our guide, we will explore together this mystery of the incarnation, of Love-with-us, which Christ, the Word that was from the beginning, has set in motion.

Ministering and Eldering Under the Care of the Holy Spirit
3/17-19/2023 –with Ken Jacobsen and Susan Smith:

How does the healing power and guidance of the Holy Spirit flow into our Quaker meetings, and beyond? Since the early days of the movement, Friends have found that gospel ministry and eldering are interwoven gifts, both of them under the care and guidance of the Holy Spirit. An elder may work privately with a minister, encouraging discernment and trust in God. When people gather in worship, elders help prepare the spiritual space in which the minister gives the particular message that the Holy Spirit is offering to the listeners. The elder is midwife to the message the minister bears.

This retreat focuses on these interwoven gifts. Participants who feel a call to gospel ministry may invite a friend to attend with them in a supportive eldering role. Likewise, people who feel a gift of eldering may encourage someone with a gift of ministry to accompany them. During the weekend, worshiping together as elders and ministers, we will open ourselves to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, drawing on the six Advices for Ministry and Oversight in the OYM Book of Discipline (p. 35), as we seek deeper understanding and exercise of these gifts under Christ’s care.