[The] belief in the immediate [non-mediated] presence of the Light of Christ within the soul, and in His power to transform men into sons of God has always been the vital message of Friends. It is a faith that does not stand on ritual or creed, but on the experience of the presence of God in the individual heart. It is universal in its scope, and speaks to the spiritual needs of all men. 

We see ourselves created by God in His image in that we, too, are spiritual, conscious beings who are able to contemplate eternity and to view the moment in its context, able to perceive beauty and to share love.  We feel God’s love for us and His desire for us to choose a life with Him.  We know God’s Word, His Son, His Anointed, i.e. Christ, Messiah, to dwell within ourselves.   We believe that Christ is present, initially perhaps as a seed, within every human soul.  We believe Jesus when He says that He is the Way to God.  If we follow Him in releasing our grasp on this earthly, secular life, we will abide with Him in the eternal life of the Spirit.

Here is a Brief Synopsis of our faith, and

here is our Ohio Yearly Meeting Book of Discipline, which describes the gospel order that comes from that faith.