The Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends is an outreach effort of Ohio Yearly Meeting, creating a safe space for Friends of like mind, or who are curious about the witness of Conservative Friends.

Stillwater Meeting HouseThe Wider Fellowship hosts a General Gathering once every two years, typically during the month of June, in Barnesville, Ohio. Though the Gathering is sponsored by Friends from Ohio Yearly Meeting, we hope that everyone, regardless of their Yearly Meeting affiliation (or lack thereof) will feel welcome to attend. We especially invite our brothers and sisters from Iowa and North Carolina Yearly Meetings (Conservative), with whom we share a long and important history.

Though Friends in Ohio Yearly Meeting only host the Gathering during even-numbered years (e.g. 2020, 2022), other groups of Friends occasionally host a gathering on the odd years. In the past, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) regularly hosted the Gathering. We would welcome this kind of collaboration again.

The General Gathering of Conservative Friends

Summer 2020, in Barnesville, Ohio

Once every two years, Ohio Yearly Meeting holds a weekend of worship & fellowship at the Stillwater Friends Meetinghouse, Barnesville, Ohio. Come sit in stillness with Conservative Friends, and those of like mind. Seek a deeper experience with Christ Jesus. It is He who gathers into the true Church all who are “single-eyed” toward Him. Wait in His Spirit, to be made whole by a simple giving up of one’s self to the Lord.

Gathering in Barnesville, Ohio 6/26-28/2020

Dear Friends of Jesus,

All Conservative Friends, and those of like mind, are invited to share in a weekend feast.  Our desire is that we wait together to drink in this Christ. All are to come with a thirst for Him. “For He came not to heal the healthy, but those who are sick.” It has been our
experience that when we come to Him empty of self-centered desires, then (and only then) we will receive food that the world knows nothing about. (John 4:32)  The gathering of Conservative Friends will be held at the Stillwater Friends Meeting house, in Barnesville, Ohio, 6th Month 26-28, 2020. Register with Sharon Helms at

“On the last & most important day of the feast Jesus stood up and said in a loud voice.  ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from that person’s heart as the Scripture says.’ Jesus was talking
about the Holy Spirit.” John 7:37-38

Please send registration to or mail to Sharon Helms
2485 Bogie Lake Road, White Lake, MI 48386

On Behalf of the Ohio Yearly Meeting Wider Fellowship committee,
Nancy Hawkins