The Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends is an outreach effort of Ohio Yearly Meeting, creating a safe space for Friends of like mind, or who are curious about the witness of Conservative Friends.

Stillwater Meeting HouseThe Wider Fellowship hosts a General Gathering once every two years, typically during the month of June, in Barnesville, Ohio. Though the Gathering is sponsored by Friends from Ohio Yearly Meeting, we hope that everyone, regardless of their Yearly Meeting affiliation (or lack thereof) will feel welcome to attend. We especially invite our brothers and sisters from Iowa and North Carolina Yearly Meetings (Conservative), with whom we share a long and important history.

The General Gathering of Conservative Friends

Presented by the Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends of Ohio Yearly Meeting of  Friends (Conservative) 

We plan to meet via zoom this year. Some may join us in person using the “Hybrid”  facilities & social distancing at Stillwater meeting. We are not renting the Olney  facilities as there is still concern about variant virus’ still afloat . All times are USA  Eastern Standard  

Welcome all who seek to worship in the Name of Jesus in the  traditional manner of Friends 

Sixth Month 11 – 13, 2021 

for more information contact Nancy Hawkins
or Sharon Helms

On the last day of the feast Jesus stood up and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone  who is thirsty come to me and drink, If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water  will flow from that person’s heart, as the Scripture says.” John 7:37, 38  Our desire is that we wait together to drink in this Christ. Come  with a thirst for Him and Him only. It has been our experience  that when we come to Him empty of self-centered desires we will  receive food of a heavenly type that the world knows nothing  about. 


 7:30 PM Opening Worship  

 Fellowship and introductions following worship 


 9:30 AM Bible Reading   

 10:30 AM Worship 

 1:00 Fellowship 

 2:30 Worship 

Fellowship following Worship 

 7:30 .Evening Worship. 


 9:30 Bible Reading 

10:30 Worship  


On Behalf of the Ohio Yearly Meeting Wider Fellowship Committee,
Nancy Hawkins