Instructive Friends' and Related Writings

The Original Movement - 17th Century England
  • Help with 17th Century English  words and grammar
  • George Fox:  his Journal 1891, 1892, 1901, 1902,  Bicentennial Edition, 8th Edition
  • Robert Barclay
18th Century
  • Help with 18th Century English  words and grammar
  • Joseph Phipps, The Original and Present State of Man, etc. “In 1767, a book was published by Samuel Newton advancing many sentiments critical of the Society of Friends, and more particularly attacking the principles propounded in Robert Barclay’s Apology for theTrue Christian Divinity.  In response to this publication, Joseph Phipps took up the pen in 1773 to clear the Society from many unjust and untrue charges, and to defend the truths of the gospel as set forth by early Friends.” Jason Henderson
19th Century

Other Helpful Writings

A Guide to True Peace

A Guide to True Peace – 1815 Edition: being writings of Catholic “Quietists” of 17th Century Europe, compiled by their contemporary Quakers William Backhouse and James  Janson.   The Catholic Church considered these writing hertital, and their authors were persecuted.