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A Retreat and Conference Center for the Exploration of

Christian Unprogrammed Quakerism and its Meaning Today

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Stillwater Meetinghouse near

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Registration and Costs

Each weekend event begins with supper at 6:00 PM on Friday and ends with a noon meal on Sunday. Cost for each workshop is $170 per person, double occupancy. Scholarship aid is usually available.  Please register by two weeks prior to the starting date. Use the registration form  or phone Ken Jacobsen (262-278-6048) for inquiries or registration or email Ken at (kenkatharine@earthlink.net).  To cancel a registration within two weeks of the starting date, please phone Ken.  To cancel earlier, you  may email Ken.

For More Information

To inquire about or schedule a personal retreat or a group rental, please phone Frances Taber  at 740-425-1248.


“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”Jesus and His Last Supper Talk in John, chs. 13-17           

A weekend facilitated by Ken Jacobsen, November 8-10, 2019 

In the Gospel of John, Chapters 13 through 17, Jesus shares his core teachings with his disciples at his last supper with them before his death.  We will gather at Friends Center for an opportunity to listen, along with the disciples, to what healing messages Jesus wants to bring to them, and to each of us at this time in our life.  What do we hear?  What words are reaching us?  What are we being asked to do?

Through scripture-reading, worship, journaling and prayerful sharing, we hope to come closer to the way, the truth and the life that Jesus is offering us.


Ken Jacobsen, with his wife Katharine, has led numerous retreats on spiritual life and community at Friends Center, at Pendle Hill near Philadelphia where they were co-directors, and in Quaker meetings and gatherings in the Midwest, where Ken has been an adjunct professor of theology at Chicago Theological Seminary. Over the years, Ken and Katharine have kept their lakeside home in Wisconsin as a “poustinia”, a retreat space for seekers and sojourners, and Ken continues to offer that hospitality since Katharine’s passing in 2017. Ken  is a member of OYM’s Stillwater Meeting.



Drinking from the Well of WorshipA Retreat Drawing on Bill Taber’s Four Doors to Meeting for Worship

A weekend facilitated by David Male and Burton Doudna, March 13-15, 2020

How does waiting worship give life to us and to our Quaker Meetings?  In this weekend we will draw on Bill Taber’s much-read Pendle Hill pamphlet, Four Doors to Meeting for Worship, with its rich description of our personal and corporate experience of worship.  In a Friends understanding, responsibility for ministry, for sharing messages from God, falls not to previously designated preachers but to all of us gathered in Meeting.  Four Doors is an excellent introduction to the ways we can build worshipful lives through the Door Before, the Door Inward, the Door Within, and the Door Outward.

This weekend, in united worship and in prayerful conversation, we hope to experience together how, through these four doors, the Spirit of Christ invites all of us to partake of that stream of Living Water from which all our vocal ministry and other service flow.

Burton Doudna and David Male, two lifelong Friends, one from Ohio and the other a transplant from New Jersey, returned to Friends in midlife after wandering away.  They have found that a life centered in this living stream is more rewarding and useful than anything they could find on their own.

Burton writes:“The thirsting soul finds, as Jesus said, that ‘one who drinks of the water that I will give shall never thirst but out of their heart shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37-38). ‘Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.’(Isaiah 12:3). You are invited to join us for a weekend of ‘drawing from the well,’ all those who are athirst, longing to be filled from the source of all truth and righteousness, by the one who waits patiently wanting to fill each of us with the truth, to satisfy our thirsting souls.”


David came to Ohio Yearly Meeting via Cleveland Monthly Meeting when it was affiliated with both OYM and Lake Erie Yearly Meeting. also attended an Evangelical Friends Church for a while, has been active in FWCC, and is fluent in a variety of Quaker dialects. He currently serves as Business Manager and Quakerism teacher at Olney Friends School.

Burton has worked in the tire changing business in strip coal mining for the last 29 years. Burton remembers that his father used to say, “It takes 50 years to learn how to live.”  “He was mostly right,” Burton adds. “I feel we all are still learning, everyday!”